Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Earn Referrals

Monday, April 5, 2010 3

This is how my earnings grow and I wanted to share this to you guys. Hope this will work for you.

1) Post your Pay To Click ads in Sulit, Digg, MyLot and in your blog.

2) Join Easy Hits 4 U to add traffic and promote your website or blog where your PTC links are posted. More traffic more chances of earning referrals.

The Best Traffic Exchange

3) Join Referral Program sites. This works by earning credits and converting those credits to referrals.

4) Join any forums which has PTC threads. (Forums Ive joined is in my PTC Forum List)

5) Exchange Referrals. This will give you more chances of growing your referrals by exchanging the sites you have with the site you dont have. Example: If you have buxout, and someone offered you to join his neobux site, which your not registered to, you could both trade. This works for newbies, those who didn't register to many sites.

6) Join in Groups. There are groups in forums where they set up a batch of sites to where all of the member of the groups could be an upline (recruiter). Its like Referral Exchange but your downline are the members of your group.

7) Rent referrals.


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